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Mahatria Guru & Jana Foundation

This is a Trust authored by the firm, Guru & Jana. The Trust has sponsored the education and the uniforms of over 200 children, and has mentored these children. This is an unique mentoring program, where an officer-nominee of the firm imbues in the children, a sense of honesty, truth and cleanliness. The mentor visits the child’s home and monitors the child’s progress regularly. It is a deep rooted belief of the Foundation that education alone will increase the standard of living of the child.

About the authors

Guru Prasad is a Chartered Accountant and over the years he has engaged professionally with several corporations in India, and this book emanates from this background.
His first publication was “Banter Beyond The Buck”, a series of short pieces that are philosophical asides… downtime from finance if you like. “The God In The Boardroom” is his second publication.
Jana Ardhana is a Chartered Accountant who has helped in compiling this book.
Guru & Jana practice their profession in India.